Welcome to The Wellness Home.

            YAY! Now we are WELLNESS HOMIES!

   This is a holistic health website, home to some incredible Self Care products.

   Here at The Wellnes Home we partner with a company called NIKKEN.

   Providing the most high quality Self Care for the past 40 yrs Nikken has created an        international brand that is an AMAZING addition to your families health care.

We believe SELF care is the BEST Health care.

     With Self Care Products that ship DIRECTLY to you!
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   We have served hundreds of satisfied customers with Nikken products.

The Wellness Home is a site for SELF care. Founded by Braeden and Hailee Passey, a newly wed couple passionate about helping other people find balance.

Our mission:

Turning Health Care into Self Care. We believe your health starts at home, we want to help the world learn how to take care of themselves through holistic and natural means.

What do we sell?

We sell hope. Hope for a healthier, more balanced life.  Also, some amazing products to help people find that hope again. (Nothing is better for your body than an alkaline environment)

How can you help?

Start with YOU. Learn how to take care of yourself and if you really want to do the same for others, contact us. We are always looking for like minded people who want to rep the movement and make some extra income.


Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns!