How to: Get better sleep & Wake Up happier

Hello! This week for our #WellnessWednesday post we’re going to chat about SLEEP. Who doesn’t love sleep? You probably… if you never do it very well! Sleep is CRAZY important to our health and brain. If you’re not getting enough sleep… your body won’t work the way God intended it to and you are much more susceptible to sickness and disease.

So today, I am going to go through a couple different ways to help your body sleep better and help your mind wake up happier.


Things to avoid before bed

First lets chat about things to NOT do before bed, things that sabotage our sleep patterns and totally don’t help us sleep better.

– Screen time

I’m sure most of you know this, being on your phone right before bed is INCREDIBLY detrimental to your sleep patterns. I realize it is so tempting to pull up social media while you’re getting ready for bed, I get it. The easiest way to do it is to set your phone down after like 9 and to not pick it up again. Not looking at your screen will actually help you fall asleep faster because your brain will be able to wind down quicker.


-Watching Tv

In America, our favorite pastime is to watch TV. Binge watching Netflix is a normal night time ritual. Do you find yourself overthinking the show or movie you just watched as you try and fall asleep? This is a good sign that watching TV before bedtime is not a good way to help you relax and get in the sleep mindset.



I love bedtime snacks. LOVE THEM. but… they don’t love me. Eating before bed usually leads to indigestion.. It’s just a lame fact. Also, our body cannot sleep as deeply when it’s still digesting. Try to get all your food in at dinner time and try not to eat or drink anything about 2 hours before bed.


Things TO do before bed.

What about being proactive in helping our bodies sleep?

Here are some things that will help you get relaxed and ready for sleep:

-Sleep time yoga

Yoga Graphic

Doing some quick yoga before you sleep, though it may seem silly, this will help your whole body relax as well as your mind! Here’s some great yoga poses for relaxation. 


I know it sounds crazy but keeping a journal totally does help you sleep. Writing out your thoughts and feeling helps clear your brain and gives you less to obsess over while you’re trying to fall asleep. I also find it super helpful to identify things I need to do in the next day after I wake up!

-Cleaning your room

Oh my goodness.. Having a clean room is amazing, we can all agree. BUT making sure your room is clean for some reason totally helps you sleep better. When you walk in your room at night and it’s messy, it just adds another thing to our mental to do list… which is always stressful.

-Take a bath

Nothing is as relaxing as taking a bath. Take a warm bath with some epsom salt, let your body detox and then get yourself an awesome nights sleep!


Things that promote better sleep

Just while we are on the topic I wanted to tell you a couple things about your ENVIRONMENT that can help promote better, deeper sleep.

-Total Darkness

Total darkness helps your brain go to sleep quicker.

Here’s a link to my fave sleep mask that also helps keep away migraines and wrinkles.

Link HERE.

-Proper neck support

SUPER important. The better neck support you have, the less you will toss and turn as you try to fall asleep.

You need a good pillow that supports your neck AND keeps your head cooler than the rest of your body. (While also promoting relaxation of your muscles.) Did I mention its customizable?

Here’s a link to the only one on the market.



Do you play night time Hokey Pokey? One leg in, one leg out.. Because you’re always too hot or too cold? I found this AMAZING comforter that actually helps regulate your temperature WHILE neutralizing acid buildup in your system. It’s AMAZING for wrapping yourself up with you’re feeling sick.

Here’s the link:


-Natural Energy Cocoon

Honestly the best thing to do is just get the entire system and wrap yourself in natural energies. You’ll sleep like you’re camping outside but, wake up without all of the aches and discomfort tat come from sleeping on the group. (Seriously if you want the best night’s sleep you NEED this mattress topper)

Link HERE.

Also a sleeping bag for you nature lovers out there:


How to wake up happy

Geez. This is a tough one. I, like many other people am not a morning person. Although, I sure do try my hardest to be one.. Just ask my hubs.

I love being awake for sunrise and I wish I did it more often.. It helps me feel more productive and like I am living the best kind of life.

Here are some tips I have found that help make mornings happier:

  • Don’t snooze your alarm

You’ll be salty with yourself later!

  • Wake up with Gratitude

Don’t look at your phone.. Pull out your gratitude journal and write a few things.

  • Exercise

I know.. I know.. Why is the answer to happiness always exercise? This will help get your endorphins flowing and wake you up!

  • Make a plan

Plan out your day, write your to do list… you’ll be SO happy you did!

  • Do something nice

A great way to start your day is by showing someone else some love… then you get warm fuzzies all day!


What are some of YOUR night time or morning routine favorites?

Let me know in the comments!

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